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Shampoo for thin and fragile hair

Shampoo for thin and fragile hair
Shampoo for thin and fragile hair
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Shampoo and mask for maintaining and caring for thin and brittle hair. 80% organic without salts | Does not contain SLS...
Thin, thinning and brittle hair mask contains 80% organic components, rich in organic castor oil and organic babasso oil known as powerful antioxidant..


A therapeutic shampoo for thin and fragile hair that contains organic castor oil and organic babasso oil.

Precise shampoo containing babasso oil and organic castor oil, extracted from the castor plant, known for its natural properties as a powerful antioxidant and as an aid in the intense activity of blood circulation in the epidermis and thus strengthens the hair roots and increases the natural moisture and shine of the hair fiber.

Does not contain salts Does not contain SLS | Does not contain SLES

Capacity: 500 ml

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