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Skin firming serum smoothes and blurs wrinkles produced with double absorption technology.The serum gives instant firming to the skin and helps a smooth and radiant look using innovative technology that helps blur skin wrinkles.Contains the latest word in the field of global beauty - "golden complex..
A makeup foundation for enriching the facial skin that protects the skin and strengthens it thanks to the mixture of ingredients that make the skin soft as velvet and silky smooth.Enriched with vitamins A + E as well as the "golden complex" consisting of lauric acid, pearl powder, golden colloid, qu..
An innovative anti-wrinkle serum to improve the appearance of the skin that helps prevent new wrinkles and softens existing wrinkles.The serum contains black caviar extracts rich in fats and proteins and a high concentration of amino acids and is enriched with vitamins A + E as well as the "golden c..
Black Caviar Anti-wrinkle serum designed to enhance the skin´s appearance and help prevent the formation of new wrinkles and soften existing lines. Enriched with black caviar extract, containing an optimal balance of highly concentrated oils and proteins, mineral salts (phosphorus and potassium..
Anti-Wrinkle eye Serum is a new treatment against anti-aging focuses on the dryness, wrinkles, swelling, and dark cycles under the eyes phenomena.Care and Beauty Dead Sea mineral eye serum maintains the natural moisture, firms, and reduces the depth of the wrinkles. 30 ml ..
Care and Beauty Dead Sea anti-Wrinkle powerful serum, based on Vitamin C, designed to treat anti-aging, capable of reducing the depth of wrinkles, whitens sun spots, provides your skin with a firm, smooth and healthy look. 30ml ..
Anti-wrinkle serum works to improve and accelerate the skin´s regeneration process.It softens existing lines and helps prevent the formation of new wrinkles.Based on a blend of herbal essences including chamomile, viola and Dead Sea minerals fortified with vitamin A and E combined with glycoproteins..
Eye Serum with Vitamin C, enriched with green tea and chamomile.A newly developed eye serum designed for the intensive care of fine lines, dryness, puffiness and dark shadows around the eyes.The innovative synergetic compound combines high levels of Vitamin C with unique therapeutic Dead Sea mineral..
Black Caviar Silk Serum Foundation with Vitamin Capsules An enriching, sensually fragranced and energizing facial serum. Protects and reinforces facial skin, enhancing texture and uniformity. A rich cocktail of ingredients leave the skin feeling soft as velvet and smooth as silk. Makes application o..
Ultra lifting care serum
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A unique serum formulated to firm facial skin, leaving it with a fresher, smoother look and stretching and fading wrinkles. Manufactured with the unique (MP269) dual stage absorbency technology that blurs fine lines, the serum is instantly firming and gibes the skin a glowing, smooth quality. C..
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