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C & B - Care & Beauty Line Hair Care Products
Among the products of the series you can find a wide selection of hair serum, such as: Keratin serum for softening hair and closing split ends, flax seed serum for flexibility and shine.
In addition, you will find jojoba gel for designing and sculpting the gate and other hair styling products.
Care and Beauty  Dead Sea Jojoba Gel for design and figure of the hair -  The gel is enriched with Jojoba essence to maintain the shade of the hair, for nourishing and healthy looks. Fixates and firms the hair and enables a various options of design at the wet looks. 500 ml ..
A unique compound  Moroccan Hair Serum designed to nourish and care for the hair, containing a combination of original silicones and obliphica plant oil. The serum is quickly absorbed into the hair to condition it and add vitality, leaving hair shiny with no oily residue. 100ml  ..
Care and Beauty Dead Sea pure Keratin serum was developed in our labs using a precise formula for hair that has been chemically treated (color, shades and ombre) and especially hair that has undergone any of the different straightening methods (Japanese, French, or various Keratin treatments). The s..
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