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C & B - Care & Beauty Line Hair Care for Men

All the products are enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea, with a pleasant masculine scent.

Among our products you will find a variety of hair shampoos like: anti-dandruff shampoo, mineral shampoo and more ...
This Mineral Shampoo contains Dead Sea minerals to nourish the scalp and add shine, moisture and vitality to the hair, even after exposure to the sun and sea bathing. Suitable for daily use and for all hair types.  A sensual masculine fragrance and luxurious. 750ml..
Care and Beauty Dead Sea Shampoo and Shower Gel for Men Beautifully scented to leave hair and body feeling refreshed and thoroughly cleansed. An exclusive product using the latest technological development to clean the hair and body. Balances the skin’s pH levels, leaves hair shiny and soft and sk..
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