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C & B - Care & Beauty Line Men's Face Care Series, which includes shaving, cleansing and nourishing products for men.

All products contain skin-nourishing vitamins and are especially suited to male facial skin.

Among the products of the series you will find unique shaving cream, After Shave Gel for soothing and skin care after shaving, a man's face cream enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea and more ...
A light and balanced moisturizer that is easily and effectively absorbed after the next shave with a razor or semi-shave in haircut / shaving machines. The precise formulation is effectively absorbed and gives the facial skin increased freshness, locks in the natural moisture components in the facia..
After shave moisture gel, extra rich alcohol free nourishing the skin. Contain complex of Aloe Veragel, Green Tea, Chamomile, Rosemary, Vitamin-E and minerals from the Dea-Sea. The gel designated for nurturing and soothing facial skin after shaving. The gel moist and soften the skin with unique ..
Care and Beauty Dead Sea After Shaving Moisture Cream A moisture lotion, without alcohol, nourishes, protects your skin, and returns its moisture and essentiality, helps to slow the aging due to vitamin E concentrated in it, provides your skin with glow, flexibility, and moisture, and a frag..
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