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Our C & B - Care & Beauty Line facial mask series enriched with minerals from the Dead Sea.

The masks in our series are effective in cleansing the skin thoroughly and renewing the skin.

Among our various masks you will find the recommended mask: mud mask for the face enriched with a high concentration of natural mud and minerals from the Dead Sea.

Facial Peeling Mask for thorough cleansing of the skin, removes dead cells and helps in the rejuvenation of skin cells. Provides the skin with a healthy, smooth and refreshing look.The Facial Mask containing Dead Sea minerals. 150ml  ..
A unique lightening cream for face and body, based on seven natural Alpine extracts, vitamins A, E and C, Dead Sea minerals and unique fungal extracts that work together to inhibit melanin production by the skin, softening and lightening it. Instructions for use: Apply to clean skin in the morning ..
The Facial Mud Mask is based on natural Dead Sea mud. It cleans and purifies the skin, balances the fats level in it, and shrinks the pores, prevents redness, increases the moisture level of the skin and helps the active substances to penetrate well.150 ml  ..
Intensive moisturizing mask for the treatment and enrichment of the facial skin, produced with deep absorption technology and gives the skin a smooth, radiant and fresh look.The mask contains innovative capsules that melt while applying the cream and release vitamins A, E and vitamins B5, C, E for t..
Exfoliating mask for deep cleansing of the facial skin and removal of dead skin cells that contains innovative capsules that dissolve while applying the cream and release vitamins E, A and minerals when applied to the skin.The mask contains gilded capsules that center around them the "golden complex..
Black Caviar Facial ultra Intensive Facial Mask treats, nourishes and enriches the facial skin. Manufactured with MP269 dual stage absorbency technology, this mask leaves the skin refreshed, smooth and glowing. Contains unique care-intensive capsules designed to melt as the cream is spread over..
Face mud mask black caviar
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Black Caviar Face mud mask an exclusive formula developed in the Dead Sea Boutique laboratories. A mud mask with an exceptionally high concentration of unique Dead Sea minerals, based on natural Dead Sea mud. Thoroughly cleanses and balances the level of oils in the skin, while helping delay si..
The DSM peeling mask is enriched with a high content of Dead Sea minerals a remarkbly effective facial cleanser. Exfoliates dead skin cells, boosts celluar activity. Tightens pores giving skin a smooth even look.Enriched with plant essences and Dead Sea minerals...
Black Caviar Peeling face mask for the deep cleansing of facial skin and removal of dead skin cells. Contains unique capsules designed to melt as the mask is spread over the face, releasing vitamins A and E and Dead Sea minerals. Contributes to skin cell renewal and contracts pores, leavin..
Anti-aging face mask with Dead sea minerals, a rich texture gives your skin moisture and vitality, recommended for aging skin, helps the skin recuperate from damage caused by the sun and provides an intensive care for wrinkles.100 ml ..
Face moisturizing treatment mask
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An active mask fortified with high concentrations of Dead Sea minerals and a unique hydrating complex.Actively helps to revitalize the skin after exposure to the environment.Leaves skin with a smooth, healthy appearance.Formulated for all skin types.Apply once a week.150 ml..
Face Mud Mask is enriched with a high content of Dead sea minerals.Based on natural mud.It cleanses and purifies the skin balances its fat level and contracts skin pores.Feel refreshed.Helpful un counteracting skin aging and wrinkling.150 ml..
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