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Terms & Conditions


(a)    The site is used as electronic shop for purchasing products of “Fusion Marketing and Distribution.”

(b)   These terms of use will be applied at each use or purchase made by the user (below “You” or “buyer”) in this site and will constitute the legal basis for every court discussion between the user and the site.

(c)    Using the site and / or purchasing a product and / or service offered in this site constitute as consent of the user to receive and act by the terms of use.

The products:

(a)    This site enables you to purchase different products at the easiest, quickest, comfortable way and at attractive prices.

Ways of purchase:

(a)    In order to order a product or service, initially you need to choose the product and put it into the basket, at the end of filling the basket you need to enter the cash-box and fill in the relevant details at the order page, as: name, i.d., shipping address, e-mail, telephone number, and credit card number. After filling these details the user becomes the”action maker.”

(b)   For the order to be produced quickly and without faults you need to provide the precise details, otherwise we would not be able to promise the delivering of the order at the stated time.

(c)    The terms of purchase are stated by the credit defrayment companies that work with “Fusion” and do not include payments purchase.

This agreement is a conditional agreement:

Affirmation of the user for the cost of the product or service, purchased by them, will be made by credit card. Pay attention! Submission of false details is a criminal offense and the one who breaks this rule is expected for criminal and civil legal procedures.

Product supply:

(a)    The site and / or someone of its behalf will care of supplying each purchased product to his address, all over the world, as it is detailed by the user, and it is until 30 days from the approval of the credit company, unless written otherwise. The site and / or someone of its behalf will act to supply the products / services according to the stated terms of supply. The site and / or someone of its behalf undertake to supply only the fully-paid products, as stated above, and which exist in the stock of the company and qualified for supply.

(b)   The site and / or someone of its behalf will not be responsible for any delay or lateness of supply and / or un-supply, caused by force majeure and / or events that are not under the control of  the site and / or its operators and / pr someone of their behalf and this, including Saturdays, strikes e.t.c.

(c)    The payment for delivery / transmission will be executed by credit card and will be joined to the payment of the product or service, and could not be cancelled and / or fully or partially returned for any reason, even if beyond the letter of the law the product was collected by the buyer.

(d)   In case the delivery is made by the buyer or someone of his behalf, the site will not be responsible for any external or internal damage caused to the product or the package, and the buyer or someone of his behalf will not be able to demand compensation.

(e)    The times of the product / service supply, as stated on the purchase page include only the account of business days. (Sunday till Thursday, not including Fridays or Saturdays, holiday eves or holidays). Know this: in any case of requesting a cancellation of the deal, after the product was already delivered, the cancellation of the deal is subordinate to that the buyer will return the product in its original package , as it is closed and complete without damage and / or strike and / or defect and / or malfunction of any kind, to the place the product was taken / purchased / delivered from and this on account of the buyer or someone of his behalf only and not on account of the site, in addition he will be explained that in case the product was taken out of its original package or tested by the buyer at any place there is and was used in any way there is, the site does not obligate oneself to take it back or cancel the deal.

(f)       In any case of delay of supply, as a result of any factor possible, and not dependent in any way on the site, as sabbatical strikes and / or error of address, as a result of false report of data, it is agreed between the parties that the site is not responsible in these cases for any kind of damage caused to the client, as a result of delay of supply.

Customer service:

For additional details about the site and its activities, it is possible to turn to the customer service at our email –, by phone 972-3-6399050 or by fax 972-3-6390836 stated also at the site. Our customer service agents will be glad to assist you in any question about the purchase process and any other issue, in order to please your experience of buying and turn it into a fast and simple experience.

Legitimacy to use the site:

Every user can participate in the purchase process in order to purchase, according to the terms of use above:

(a)    The user is legitimate to make compelling legal actions. If he is under 18 or he cannot make compelling legal actions without a permission of a custodian, his usage of the site would be seen as using it with an appropriate permission of the custodian.

(b)   The user has a valid passport.

(c)    The user owns a valid Israeli / international credit card.

(d)   The user has a valid email on the internet and a valid address.

Disclosures of Your Information:

(a)    In order to buy a product, it is possible that the user would need to choose first a user-name and personal password for the site, which will accompany him in all of his purchases / services of the site. Afterwards the user needs to provide additional information for making the deal, as name, i.d., address, email. Phone number and credit card number as stated at the site.

(b)   All of this information would be passed to the main office of the site. The site is not responsible for any usage made by other factor that do not relate to him.

(c)    Beyond this usage, the site is obligated not to use any information without permission, unless it is provided by law or in order to prevent misusage. The site will enable access for the information only for the employees that need it for giving the service.

(d)   The site uses accepted caution methods in order to guard, as much as possible, the confidentiality of the information. Any delivery of the credit card number is being made by standard encoding, but in cases that are not under the control of the site of force majeure are possible, the site will not be responsible for any kind of damage, direct or indirect, that might be caused to the user and / or the buyer and / or someone on their behalf, whether this information will be lost or misused.

Canceling a deal:

(a)    All of the said in this section constitute an exposure according the consumerism law of 1981 (התשמ”א) (below: consumerism law), and it does not add rights to it, in any way. All the corrections that will be made to the law, will constitute and strengthen the following:

(b)   Cancellations concerning the product can be made until 14 days from the date of actually receiving the product.

(c)    The right of cancellation does not stand up in these cases:

(1)   About “Perishable goods” as they mean in the consumerism law.

(2)   Information in its meaning in the computer law of 1995 (התשנ”ה).

(3)   Goods that were specially made for the consumer following the deal.

(4)   Goods that could be recorded, reproduced or copied and that its original package was opened.

(5)    The cancellation would be done in a written form to the service center, by marking the reason of cancellation by email to email: or to fax 03-6390836 / tel 03-6399050

(d)   In case of cancellation of the deal, you will be returned the sum paid by you for the product or the service, with subtraction of cancellation fee of 5% of the total sum or 100 NIS, according to the lowest of them.

(e)    “Fusion” keeps the right to stop at any time, according to its exclusive consideration, the activity of the site and / or canceling a deal (before or after its closure), and / or extending the time of the purchase, including but not only, any of the following cases:

  • If an illegal action is discovered at the site.
  • If any technical fault that prevented or could have prevent proposals of certain purchases or group purchases.
  • In case of force majeure, war activity or terror action that may prevent “Fusion” continuing the selling, its procedure or satisfying participation in it.
  • In case of error in any of the details of the selling, including the description of the product and / or its price.
  • In any case, of which Fusion thinks that was made an illegal action or in contrast to these terms of use.
  • If after purchasing a product, in any way there is, it is discovered that the product is out of stock and / or cannot be reached, “Fusion” can cancel the purchase and return your money. Alternatively, Fusion may offer you an alternative product, equivalent to the purchased. If you chose not to purchase the alternative product – your purchase will be cancelled and your money will be returned.

According to Fusion, if it realized its right, you would not have any complaint, demand, and / or request of any kind, including winning a product. As it is said, loosing a gain, purchasing a product at third party at a higher price e.t.c.


Returning a product:

(a)    It is possible to return the purchased product and get the money paid for it, if the product is full and was not used, it is in its original package, with the original invoice, and 14 days has not passed since receiving the product. You should also notify us by e-mail or to fax 03-6390836/ tel 03-6399050

(b)   The returning will be made by registered mail, delivery service, or any other way possible that we can confirm its reception.

Additional terms:

(a)    The site and / or someone of its behalf will not be responsible and will not carry out any direct, indirect, special causative damages or other that was caused to the user or the third party’ as a result of usage or purchase by the site, including in purchasing in form of selling process that is not by these terms of use, the ground of the claim be whatever it is, including loosing an income and / or preventing a gain caused by some reason, that the site then keeps the right to cancel the specific purchase in written form to the operator of the action. In addition, the site is nor responsible for the composition and / or installation of the products purchased at the site and this responsibility will be applied only on the operator of the action and on his expense.

(b)   In addition, the buyer will be exclusively responsible for the maintenance and the service needed for the product purchased by him at the site, unless written otherwise.

(c)    Icons – every information and / or display appearing on the site, including graphics, design, verbal presentation, merchandise marks, logo signs and the editing and presentation of these, are under the exclusive ownership of the site and / or someone of its behalf. You cannot copy, duplicate, distribute, publish, or use in any other way these contents of the site, unless you have an explicit written consent in advance.

(d)   The interpretation and enforcement of these terms and / or any action or conflict deriving from it, will be made according to the law of the state of Israel, and will be subject to arbitrage, if required, only in the authoritative court of Tel-Aviv.

(e)    The presentation of the products / services in this site is not a cause for expressing an opinion about it, its nature, or quality by the site.

(f)     The register of the computer of the company about the actions made through the site will act as evidence for the certainty of the actions.

(g)    The site is not responsible for the delivery of the products, except if these were actually presented by the site and / or someone of its behalf.


These terms of use were written and updated lately on 01/07/2015 and it is possible to change at any time by the site and according to its exclusive consideration.