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Multi-purpose creams

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Aloe vera cream is very useful for the face and body, softens and soothes the skin and adds moisture.On the basis of the medicinal plant aloe vera.Contains vitamin E and olive oil.Recommended for children and for dry and irritated skin.250 ml..
A multi-purpose coconut cream for the face and body, rich in Dead Sea minerals, coconut and aloe vera, helps soften dry and hard skin.Recommended for people who suffer from cracks and explosions in the feet and hands.250 ml..
A multi-purpose cream for the face and body with special properties attributed to the pomegranate fruit.Contains a high concentration of pomegranate extract.Pomegranate fruit is considered a stimulant due to its pleasant smell, pomegranate seeds contain active antioxidants, acts to restore the skin ..
A multi-purpose cream with a unique composition based on olive oil and myrtle.Contains a high concentration of vitamins A, E, F and Dead Sea minerals.A smoothing conditioner stretches and increases the firmness of the skin.The cream contributes to revitalizing dry skin and reducing wrinkles. The res..
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