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Multipurpose Сarrot Сream

Multipurpose Сarrot Сream
Multipurpose Сarrot Сream
Multipurpose Сarrot Сream
Multipurpose Сarrot Сream
Multipurpose Сarrot Сream
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Multi-purpose cream with a unique and original composition based on an exclusive formula including carrot oil, which is well know for its beneficial effect on the skin.

Also contains beta carotene, alpha carotene and magnesium. Rich in Vitamin A, which is essential for skin cell renewal, preserving supple skin texture, rehabilitating the skin and preventing dryness and rough skin. Also rich in Vitamins C, B2 and B1. Enriched with Dead Sea minerals. Improves the skin's elasticity.

Recommended for use against stretch marks in pregnancy and part of the slimming process.

A must for every home.


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