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Keratin & pearl dust serum for straightened hair

Keratin & pearl dust serum for straightened hair
Keratin & pearl dust serum for straightened hair
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Care and Beauty Dead Sea pure Keratin serum was developed in our labs using a precise formula for hair that has been chemically treated (color, shades and ombre) and especially hair that has undergone any of the different straightening methods (Japanese, French, or various Keratin treatments).
The serum is perfectly suited to the hair’s high PH level, balancing the hair’s fiber to a low PH level that reduces static in hair.
The product’s precise formulation assists in softening the hair fiber and closing split ends.
In parallel, the hair is nourished thanks to the pearl dust complex which contains amino acids and magnesium that strengthen the hair fiber and accelerate its recuperation process.
Instructions for use:Place about 3 drops of serum on your palm. Massage well using both hands, then apply to hair from the ends towards the roots. 
Recommended for use as a heat protector when using a hair blower / straightener.

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