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Mud Shampoo

An exclusive shampoo based on minerals and mud from the Dead Sea combined with Obliphicha oil and ch..


Obliphica Hair Mask

A mask for softening the hair and retaining its moisture.Enriched with Obliphica oil and helps in so..


Olive Oil Hair Mask

A healing hair mask based on olive oil, balances and softens the sebaceous glands in the skin of the..


PURE Linen Hair Serum

Hair serum based on linen seed essence preserves the hair during blow drying, helps with removing ha..


PURE Obliphica Hair Serum

A unique compound designed to nourish and care for the hair, containing a combination of original si..


Rosemary Hair Cream

Rosemary cream is enriched with vitamins and will leave your hair soft, knot free, excellent for chi..


Shampoo for Colored & Dry Hair

A triple action shampoo, nourishes, softens, and protects the hair. This shampoo contains Obliphica ..